Welcome to my designated photography post everyone! I figured the easiest way to find ALL information was to dump it all into one big post here on my blog. Firstly, thank you all for choosing ME to photograph your business, event or anything! I'm super excited to work with you all in the future. Firstly... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Mint Oreo Truffles

Guys guys guys!! I think it was two years ago when I stumbled across a recipe on Pinterest for truffles. I was looking for some very Christmassy recipes and - I found it!! SOo, for the past two years I have made this recipe every Christmas and often when it isn't even because they're so... Continue Reading →

My 5 year plan

Do you ever just have those days or weeks where you are so physically, mentally and emotionally excited for your future? I hear so so often that you shouldn't 'wish your time away' or 'look forward to being an adult', but for me, when I think of that I WANT to grow up. I want... Continue Reading →

How to relax after a long day

Something I see and hear about so often is how much people around the world struggle with mental illnesses, whether they’re celebrities or just ordinary people like myself. I myself have struggled with anxiety and minor depression and still often have those days and weeks where I’m greatly struggling. I think it is SO important... Continue Reading →

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