20 things to do in self-isolation

Wow, it feels crazy the world is currently in this state! Despite most schools still being on in Australia (which I’m still attending), holidays are coming up soon meaning I will be self isolating as much as possible to. SO, I decided to create a list of various things you can do whilst quarantining so you don’t lose your mind. And here’s a nice beach image to remind you all will be well soon 💓

1. Declutter your closet

2. Delete apps and photos you no longer need on all devices

3. Bake some goods

4. Start journaling

5. Read a new book series you’ve always wanted to

6. Catch up on work you can do digitally (for me, writing lots of blog posts and sorting content creation)

7. Binge a new tv series

8. Declutter your desk space

9. Craft a letter to an old friend

10. Create an at home workout routine

11. Create a vision board

12. Start a blog about something you love

13. Shop some sales

14. Catch up on sleep

15. Do an at home mani pedi

16. Paint

17. Start a bullet journal or scrapbook

18. Discover a new podcast

19. Learn a new makeup look

20. Learn something you’ve always wanted to (instrument, language etc)

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy beautiful people! Xx

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