3 inspiring people you need to follow NOW

I’m currently having a little obsession with finding new accounts to follow on instagram – especially ones owned by amazing women who love getting creative.

I’ve also had a little obsession with being inspired by fashion accounts. For me personally I was always following lifestyle accounts, but in the sudden months that has changed and its got me feeling great. So I thought I’d share three of my fav people atm (yes they’re more fashion/style based cause I’m obsessed)!!

1. @sivanayla

This chic is a recent find but I’m loving her content. Super chic and simple and aesthetic – my fav three combo. She’s the CEO of Tan+Lines and LuxUnfiltered and also has the cutest child – she seriously has her crap together and I’m living for it!!

Serious feed vibes!!! 😍🥰

2. @emmaleger

Emma’s a semi-new person I’m following but I’m actually obsessed!! She lives in Vancouver and I’ve really been enjoying all her new moving-in content. Her YouTube and instagram are both super cute! She has the best style and is super humble which I absolutely love. #pfg (if you know, you know) She also does a ton of travel content which I really love watching her explore different places.


Cutest content!


I’ve been following this babe for a while now and WOW!! Her content is the best ngl. Her and her partner Clayton are the best couple and are the cutest lil insta-partners. There is just something about her style and content I really love and she just makes me feel so inspired all the time!

There’s my current three fav people atm guys! Who are your fav people to follow?

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