Current obsession – black + white beach photography

Wowowowow!! I’ve just spent the past week at probably one of my favourite places ever – the Sunshine Coast! I go on a trip up there at the beginning of every year and there’s nothing that makes me happier. Between the ocean swims, pool swims, book and magazine reading, food eating and chilling, I’m basically in heaven.

As you guys know I do a ton of photography but on this trip I got into something a little different that I love – black and white ocean photography!

I originally went to the beach in the afternoon and snapped a couple of pics of the water (cause it’s seriously the best 😍) and whilst I was editing just applied a basic black and white filter. And GOSH! Was I obsessed!!

I shared a few on my insta feed + stories and you guys seemed to love them just as much! So I thought I’d put up a couple over here on the blog if you wanted a better look! And if you wanna steal them for wallpapers cause (duh!) they’re so beautiful!

So I think I’ve officially found one of my new fav things ever! Let me know if you use them for a wallpaper or anything else! Get ready for ALL the new goodness coming to the blog in the coming weeks and months!!

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