How the beginning of my 2020 has REALLY been

Happy freaking 2020 everyone. My original plan for December was to do blogmas but after 5 posts it all went downhill. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed my Christmas and break over the festive season.

Going into the new year I didn’t set many goals, mainly because they almost always fail. So instead I just have a few lined up in my head then I’m trying to improve on in areas in my life.

Now for all the feelings of how this year has already been. I’m feeling very ***. I don’t even have a word because I honestly can’t describe it. I’m going to sleep every night with the idea of waking up and crushing some goals. Like wake up early, clean the room, smash out some product photography, edit them and send them to clients. Then create some content for my own page, write a crap ton of blog posts, do some hashtag research, do a workout, so on and so forth.

INSTEAD, I’m waking up and watching countless episodes of TV shows, having a late breakfast and not starting any photography until later in the day and having not much energy to do much else besides a workout in the afternoon.

I was speaking with a couple of my best friends just last night and how we’re all feeling a little dull. I’m feeling like I want to travel the world and explore and get lost in books and creating my business and meet new people except I’m waking up and rather I’m doing the complete opposite…. is there a name for that? I just really cant explain the feeling – have any of you guys experienced this or something similar?

I’m off to school for a couple of days next week and then on a holiday for 8 nights which I am BEYOND excited about!! I’m hoping to refresh and recoup in those days.

Despite all this I’m feeling especially close to writing again as a way to express my feelings so expect a few posts like this…. but a crap ton of different ones too because I have sooo much planned!!

How has the beginning of your new year been? Productive? Creative? A little lonely and stuck? Let me know! And have a chat to me over on my instagram @livewithchloe. On another note – I have been a lot more active on my photography account @merakaiphotography 🙂 That has been off to a great start actually.

Speak to you lovely souls soon!

Chloe xx

5 thoughts on “How the beginning of my 2020 has REALLY been

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  1. Aw. I understand how you feel. I’ve been looking forward to writing down goals for the rest of the year but things didn’t go as I imagined. January was a busy month and it was hard to focus on my 2020 goals.
    I hope things gets better for you ❤️


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