How to find time to rest in the holiday season

It’s without a doubt the busiest time of the year. People bustling around at the shops, numerous catch ups and all the get togethers. But let’s remember it’s also one of the BEST times of the year.

The festivities make it hard to hate and everyone’s mood is beyond happy. However, amid the hustle and bustle we still have to take time for ourselves and remember that self care is still important.

SO I have created some of my top tips on how to take it easy during Christmas time.

1. Do things in batches

For me as a content creator, this festive season I will (and have already been doing) be doing tons of my photo shoots in batches. That way I can create more time for myself on my days off and can be at ease knowing that most of my work is completed. If you need to do some cooking or baking and are able to store it for multiple days, definitely do it!

2. Set aside a day of the week

Whether its Mondays or Sundays, set one day of the week aside for yourself or your family. It is so so crucial to take days off to keep your sanity but also for some ideal rest. Take this day to watch some movies, bake some treats or have a sleep in. Take a long bath, read a book and have some egg nog. That way you are prepared for the coming week and have mentally and physically prepared yourself.

3. Book a getaway

Whether its a one day getaway or a few days, I think this is a perfect idea. I’m actually taking a three night getaway around the 17th of December so I have some time to chill before the very real lead up to Christmas. I don’t mean do anything overly elaborate – you can even have a staycation – but really enjoy this time of the year and be sure to not get caught up in the business.

4. Have a work cut-off

This is especially difficult for people who work for themselves but force yourself to stop work at a certain time of the day. It’s hard to switch off when you work from your laptop and phone but this is why its so hard to actually relax. Switch your phone to airplane mode if you have to and use this time to have a long bath, light a candle and read a book.

They are some of my main tips for relaxing around the festive season – don’t force yourself too much but remember your body needs to relax too.

See you tomorrow all 😉

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