Christmas Movie Night + FREE PRINTABLE

Can I just say that there is absolutely nothing better than sitting down on a Decembers night, with a hot choc, all the snacks, and a festive Christmas movie on?

I’m not even kidding when I say I start watching Christmas movies in September and October (I know, it’s very bad) but nothing brings me greater joy.

So I have curated the perfect how-to on how to have the most amazing Christmas movie night and it all starts here. With a free printable of course. Here’s the top movies you HAVE to watch this festive season!



Food has got to be one of the main things that contribute to this night. I recommended to order some take-in (pizzas, mcdonalds, literally anything!) as they are some of the best worst foods for you (if that makes sense?!) They’re so so yummy!

– Bake some peppermint oreo truffles!! Click here to view my very own recipe which tastes insane!

-Bake some cupcakes or any other sweets! Gingerbread, truffles, have some chocolates

-Grazing food! Maybe even make a cute little cheese board! Add some cheeses, crackers and anything else you love!

-HOT CHOCOLATES! One of the best festive drinks ever – you cant forget these!


Of course you’ve gotta have them! My favs are both Home Alone’s, The Grinch (both), The Holiday Calender, Daddy’s Home 2, and Fred Claus. Those are my top recommendations for a festive night in. My sister and I LOVE these ones and take any opportunity to watch them – and we never get sick of them!!


-Cuddly blankets! Even if you live here in Australia where it’s so flipping hot at this time of the year, your air conditioning will most likely be on, so either way you can be snuggly!

-Christmas tree and other decs! Make sure the tree lights are on, and other decs you have are put and lit up! This really makes the mood cosy!

-Set aside a whole day or night for this! You’re gonna wanna spend a good chunk of your day for this!

Hope you all enjoyed this and create one of these nights! Tag #livewithchloexmas and @livewithchloe if you do!! See you tomorrow!

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