What Puts Me In The Holiday Spirit – HOW TO FEEL CHRISTMASSY AF!

Guys! There is nothing better than feel freaking festive in the holiday season, am I right??

I’m gonna share a few of my fav things to do in November and December to make me feel VERY VERY FESTIVE! i🎅🎉🎁🎄


Sooooo without a doubt anything remotely gingerbread flavoured or peppermint flavoured immediately puts me in the holiday mood. Grab some friends or family, go shopping for some ingredients, put on a cute apron and begin baking. You can of course customise most things to look cute and christmassy so that’s great!! You can click here for my perfect Christmas Oreo truffles which are insanely good! (I’m serious, you have got to try them asap!)


Me and best friend used to have sleepovers and go christmas light looking at night time to see some of the best lights in my area! There would often be whole streets that had their houses fully decorated and they would compete in competitions. (You can google 4KQ Christmas lights if you live in Brisbane!!) I’m not even kidding, this is seriously such a cute idea. Grab some takeout, go for a drive, look at christmas lights and have some deep chats with whoever you go with! Quality time spent with a loved one as well as feeling festive – there’s nothing better.


Again, I did do a blog post on this at the very beginning of the month for this (click here for that). Watch a sh*t ton of films, grab all the sweets and chill. This is especially good for a cosy evening when you have no plans whatsoever. You can also grab the free printable for some of the most loved Christmas films EVER!


When you have a full day of doing absolutely nothing, I guarantee doing this will be so productive yet festive! Grab all the gifts you’ve accumulated for everyone so far and the cutest wrapping paper. Pinterest has the bestttt creative wrapping ideas so definitely check that out! Grab some cute cards as well and there you have it! A productive day and a festive one as well. Watch some movies and grab some snacks while you’re at it too!

There we have it guys! Some of my fav ways to get into the festive spirit!! Tag me in some pics #livewithchloexmas and @livewithchloe if you do any of these ideas!!! See you tomorrow 😉

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