The Countdown Begins (+FREE PRINTABLES)

Heyo guys! It’s officially my absolute favourite time of the year! And this year, I’ve decided to do Blogmas! That’s right – I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon of all bloggers and I’m beginning today!

I asked a while ago on a poll on my stories (@livewithchloe!!) when you began planning for Christmas – most of you answered either November or December. I’ve created a few little pages of free printables that you can all use this year to plan away for the most festive time of the year!

It’s without a doubt when I say this is my fav time of year. I’m excited about it in September and count down the days til December first which is when its socially acceptable to be Xmas obsessed (but we all know I’m decorating at least a month before ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


Okay, so the first printable is a December monthly overview – this is the best for planning out your entire month without having to go crazy through the December madness. You can screenshot it below to print it out!!

Next up: Christmas bucket list

Next: Meal planner

And finally: Gift list organiser

Okay guys!! There’s four FREE printables for you all for the festive season. Be sure to tag me @livewithchloe if you do use them!!

And happy blogmas day one babes!

See you tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

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