My 5 year plan

Do you ever just have those days or weeks where you are so physically, mentally and emotionally excited for your future? I hear so so often that you shouldn’t ‘wish your time away’ or ‘look forward to being an adult’, but for me, when I think of that I WANT to grow up. I want the freedom, and a house, and to see my business bloom before my eyes. I want road trips and midnight food runs to McDonalds and sleepy Sundays where I stay in my PJ’s all day with big brunches.

Sure, with being an adult there are countless responsibilities – but for me personally, I’ve always felt somewhat held back by the things I can and cannot do as a child.

Nonetheless, here I am going to share my 5 YEAR PLAN and everything that entails for me. What I want to accomplish in that time and where I want to be in life. And yes, all of these points are realistic – nothing I honestly think I couldn’t do.

1. I am currently 16 years old. I hear all.the.flipping.time that I don’t look my age and don’t act my age – everyone tells me they think I have finished school and am in university. I was once even told by a customer at work they thought I was married!? WTAF? So first and foremost, as soon as I leave school, I wish to run my business part time/full time. I have started it already as a teenager, in hopes I can make a full income from it once I have left school. If I don’t believe I can make a full income from it, I will work mainly on my business and work a small part time job on the side to help me pay the bills.

2. Secondly, the year after I leave school I’m hoping to move out with 3 of my closest friends to the Gold Coast. I love the beach and that’s where I am happiest – I also think moving there would really help with my business and photography. And yes, I also hear that ‘I won’t have enough money’ or that I should ‘live with my parents as long as possible.’ I’ve always been an independent person and my friends are just as much – I think together we can make it work! 💪🏻

3. My current goal – TRIP TO NYC NEXT YEAR! I also loveee travel and only ever do domestic flights to other Australian cities. Honestly the look of New York looks so frickin good and I have heard from plenty of people how much they have enjoyed it. I’m using most of next year to save all my money but I’m hoping to go in October/November. That’s all I really have to say – New York City.

4. Write a book? Honestly this is something I have worked on before but have never taken on really seriously. Perhaps in 5 years time I could have a published book? I love writing (hence why I have a blog) and honestly think this is something I could do full time. I love all things reading and read so many inspiring books from so many inspiring authors. I think next year in particular this is something I am gonna take particularly seriously!

via Pinterest

That’s my main plan for the next five years – I would love to hear what you guys have planned or what goals you’re aiming to achieve! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow my insta @livewithchloe

All images (besides the one of me) via Pinterest

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