Hair Hacks to save time – natural curls

Hi lovelies!

I went through a period of time where the only way I wore my hair was with curls – and they were heat free! Honestly I try to minimise the use of heat on my hair as much as possible cause my hair tends to get extremely dry, especially because its dyed.

SO, not only is this hairstyle heat free, it honestly saved me so much time, especially on days I had school or work.

1. Firstly, I begin washing my hair with my current fav products – 18in1 Haircare. I first began using their detoxifying charcoal shampoo and hair treatment (which was black – very cool!) but switched out to a blue shampoo for the colour in my hair. I would wash it, and let it air dry about halfway to three quarters so it is still slightly damp. You don’t want it to wet though, otherwise it will turn extremely oily the next day (which you will notice shortly)

2. Once its damp yet still pretty dry, I will braid it. I do 2 Dutch braids down each side of my head. You want it somewhat tight, but not too much cause you really don’t want a painful nights sleep. I hate my hair tight so I generally don’t pull too hard. If you braid your hair when its wet and pull it back tightly, your hair turns oily the next day as it doesn’t try properly so avoid having it soaking wet.

3. Next step – SLEEP! Sleep with your hair in to fully let it dry and create the lovely waves.

4. The next morning before school or work, take the braids out – but don’t brush them! They’ll go way too frizzy, but leaving them will give them a nice natural look! It’s honestly so cute and saves me so much more time which I am all for, especially if it means I can get some extra sleep in 😉

This is such a great hairstyle, especially to save time. You don’t have to worry about doing your hair in the morning, and even better, you don’t have to use heat! Tag me in pics (@livewithchloe) if you do this so I can see your lovely curls!

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