How to relax after a long day

Something I see and hear about so often is how much people around the world struggle with mental illnesses, whether they’re celebrities or just ordinary people like myself. I myself have struggled with anxiety and minor depression and still often have those days and weeks where I’m greatly struggling. I think it is SO important to take time in EVERY. SINGLE. DAY to do the things we love and enjoy to take care of ourselves and prevent us from having days and weeks where we go downhill. It is completely normal of course but so often the pressure builds up and we need a way to let it out.

Read along for some of my most favourite yet useful tips that help me take care of myself every day and when I’m feeling down.

1. Take a long relaxing shower or bath

This is extremely basic yet extremely necessary. So often when I’m feeling down or having days of anxiousness I’m in my bed with my hair dirty, wearing clothes I’ve had on for too long and haven’t brushed my teeth. And it feels disgusting. So instead of doing this, get up and have a deep cleanse. Wash and exfoliate your body, deep clean your hair and brush your teeth. Once you’re out, air or blow dry your hair and put on some loose and extremely comfortable clothes. Get back into the bed if you want to, but at least this way you’ll feel fresh and clean. This is something super simple yet every time I actually do it I feel 100 times better.

2. Actually get fresh air

Again, I always see this tip yet never actually think about it. Whether you live in a quiet neighbourhood, a big city or near the ocean, take a walk! When I’m outside in the afternoon watering my flowers, its so peaceful. Feel the fresh air in your lungs, close your eyes and listen to your deep breathing. Remind yourself to be present and take the time for things like this. Feel the grass or pavement or sand beneath your feet and stand there for a bit. Whether its one minute, or five or an hour breath in the air.

3. Find a hobby

Luckily for me, I have always had something I’ve been quite interested in. Whether its reading, writing, painting, drawing, photography, or sports, let it be your outlet. Even if its for twenty minutes or 2 hours. Find a way to let out your feelings from the day. Do NOT get caught up in the negatives of life, and ALWAYS make time for yourself, no matter how busy you might be.

4. Non-cutesy self care

I saw a post on Pinterest a couple of months ago about non-cutesy self care tips. We always see posts about eating chocolate, snuggling in bed and reading a good book. When we’re feeling really crappy though, it’s often because we ARE just lying around in bed. Instead of doing this, get up, have a shower. Really clean yourself – wash your hair, exfoliate ect. Then get out and moisturise. After that, brush your teeth and brush your hair. Go outside, eat a fresh and clean meal and drink lots and lots of water. Even the thought of this right now makes me feel so much better 🙂

I think I’m gonna leave it there guys! Be sure to try these out and I guarantee you will feel better.

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  1. Hey clo clo just thought I’d say that was a great blog post to read and I will definitely use your tips! Love you😘

    Also love the pics! You look beautiful


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