3 Hairstyles in 3 minutes

Hello lovelies! I’m partnering with Born in October for this post, an Aussie scrunchie business that I love. I’m going to show you three of my favourite hairstyles for the summertime. They are also super easy for the beach or if you’re on holidays, you can quickly do your hair in under 3 minutes and you’ll still look super cute.

Half up, half down :

This has been one of my favs for a while (honestly they all have been) but it’s literally so cute and versatile, so can be used on any occasion. I used the Valentine’s Day scrunchie for this one which is sooooo beautiful and scattered with pretty red hearts. Scoop up as much of your hair as you’d like and secure it with a scrunchie and it’s soo pretty!


I’ve been doing this hairstyle quite often lately because it’s been so hot. It keeps the hair out of my face and off my neck which has been so perfect. I start the braid quite low so it looks a little messy and add in large chunks to give it that summery-beachy vibe. I used the Tangalooma scrunchie because it’s super perfect for the summertime. I looove the colours on it too!

Messy bun:

Again, this style is great for summer – it literally takes thirty seconds to do but can also be used if you were going out too. I love buns cause they can be high or low, sleek or messy, and they’ll still look really cute. Low ones are great if you want the front pieces of your hair hanging out to frame your face, they look great with a summery dress! This scrunchie is dark blue which is why you can’t see it as much against my dark hair but I still love the colour and the smaller patches of colour on it.

There’s my fav quick and easy hairstyles! Tag me in pics @livewithchloe if you purchase any scrunchies or are inspired to do these hairstyles!

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