Digital Planning – Is it for you?

Hiya guys! Recently a friend of mine started a digital planning (@paperlessbyp) and the products are so good! I’m now currently deciding whether I should start digital planning more, or keep to bullet journaling. I’ve always kept a physical copy of planning because I just prefer it. But since I’m returning back to school and most of my work will be done electronically AND I have some great products to use, I’m struggling with a serious debate. Here I’ll be sharing some of the PaperlessbyP products which you should seriously go buy, they’re super easy to use and are so pretty! You can also use my discount code CH10E for a sneaky discount!

Firstly, the monthly calendar is soooo cute! The green colours and plants are honestly so aesthetically pleasing and the actual monthly pages are super cool. The boxes are a great size which makes it really easy to use with the Apple Pencil, or any stylus of some kind. The great thing is it comes with all 12 months as soon as you purchase it, so its great to plan ahead. It’s definitely one bonus of digital planning, it’s really convenient to schedule ahead, especially for school tasks or assessments, work shifts, appointments or any other special dates. I think the biggest struggle for me will be to get the hang of writing stuff into my iPad instead of a journal.

individual monthly pages

Okay honestly the index cards are SO COOL! I was really surprised with how easy they were to use and the fact that you actually FLIP THEM OVER!! I will definitely 100% be using these to study for tests since they are super helpful. I have videod them over on my instagram highlights so go check them out for more of a peak! The concept of them are so creative and convenient, I highly recommend this product!

Finally, the daily planning page is just as good. It allows plenty of room to set out individual tasks, notes, what to do tomorrow, events and even water tracking. This is really helpful for me personally as I’m always listing and keeping track of my to-do’s and notes, and even my water. It allows plenty of room which I absolutely love!

Overall, I’m really torn as to what to do. Digital planning allows plenty of space and planning ahead, but I’m not sure if I can let go of keeping a physical journal. Can I use both? And what works for you?

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