Hello guys! Lately I’ve been all about getting your opinion on different blog ideas and thought it would be pretty cool to write a post about the best and most affordable photography equipment for beginning photographers and bloggers. A lot of my following are fellow bloggers and photographers so I thought it would be helpful for people in case they were interested in taking the leap and investing in a good quality DSLR camera.

Camera Body:

Firstly, starting with the camera body, I first bought the Canon EOS 1500d which came with a 18-55mm lens which I’ll talk about later. It is a step up from the original EOS 1300d so has some upgrades! For a DSLR camera AND a lens the pricing for this is really affordable, especially compared to some others out there! You can purchase theses from most electronic stores (JB Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, even Amazon). It has various settings for portraits, landscapes, sports ect. You can even adjust the ISO and shutter speed which I think is really handy for beginners! The only downside I would say is it doesn’t have a flip out screen, so if you were to video it would be difficult to adjust the camera and see what you were doing. Some Nikon cameras are quite similar and do have the flip out screen but cost a little bit extra, so I guess it depends on what you were looking for!

Camera Lens:

Like I mentioned earlier I purchased the ordinary 18-55mm lens with my camera as a package at a really affordable price! This lens is perfect for any beginner photographer or blogger and comes with most cameras as a starter lens. It has a basic zoom in and out feature which is great. Super easy to use when adjusting the aperture which is really helpful.

The next lens I’ve purchased more recently but love it! It’s the 50mm 1.8 which has a perfect background blur. It is probably the cheapest Canon lens in the market but seems really high end for the price you pay. A real bang for your buck! Definitely my fav lens at the moment and makes the photographs look quite professional!


You can purchase a really cheap clear lens cap for about $10 which I really suggest for your main lens just so its protected from dust, scratches and anything else.

Tripods you can buy for a decent price, I own quite a decent one but I’m not exactly sure on the specifics, but I’m pretty sure its a Yellowstone one.

Another good purchase is a camera bag! I own a Manfrotto one and it’s honestly really good. It has different compartments and spaces for SD and memory cards and batteries which is really handy.

That’s all of my recommendations for todays post! Thanks loves! Xx


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  1. Wow! Love you’re blogs😍😍even after reading that I will never be as good as taking photos as you are! keep writing these amazing blogs👌🏼❤️


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