2019 Resolutions

Hello beautifuls! Like always, I took to Instagram to ask what blog posts you were interested in for the new year! I got many requests for a New Years resolutions post so here I am delivering!

1. Throughout the past couple years I’ve really fallen in love with photography and even more so this past year. I actually launched a new photography page (chloejrphotography) on Instagram and am actually launching a business for it! I’m really hoping to evolve my photography throughout 2019 and even start booking clients. Let me know in the comments or on insta if you would like me to launch a site of my portfolio and all my pics!

I’m actually looking for some models at the moment so if you live in Australia, particularly South East Queensland and would like some photos done please email or message me!

2. SO, honestly this year I kind of slacked in eating healthy and towards the end of 2018 I slacked in working out too which makes me feel so bad. So, my second resolution for the year is to start eating healthy and working out even more consistently! I never pressure myself into a strict diet but I’m definitely going to make some healthier and more beneficial choices. Working out comes quite natural to me especially during school time as I’m in a routine so I’m hoping to just continue with that!

Some of my favourite activewear brands are:

Reebok! Honestly just started wearing some of their stuff more recently but it’s honestly so amazing!

Rigfit Activewear – search them on instagram and they’ll come right up! Such amazing shirts that are so comfy and great hats, crops, and shorts!

Strongliftwear on Instagram – got some activewear shorts I’m actually wearing in the above picture and they are so comfy as well! (I’m all about comfort!)

3. The past couple years I’ve travelled a little bit (only inside Australia) but I love it! Such amazing experiences in different cities! I’m hoping to save all the $$$ this year and leave the country for an amazing trip to Canada, New York, Hawaii or anywhere in the UK! I’m honestly SO excited for this year!

There’s three of my resolutions for 2019! I am sooooo pumped for the new year for all sides business, blog and being bold! Bring the new year on, and lets conquer this together! New blog post coming soon lovelies!

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  1. Who took the third pic? Mwa! Looks like I’ll be working out with you too! I got to lose some weight! Are you shouting for the tickets if you go because I’m coming with you😂😍

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