My Summer 2019 Reading List

OKAY, so I've always been quite a big reader but with the holidays came lots more relaxing time which meant more time to read. Even though I watched way too much Netflix and didn't read enough books, I did get few a through. In this post I'm sharing some books I have read and also... Continue Reading →

Digital Planning – Is it for you?

Hiya guys! Recently a friend of mine started a digital planning (@paperlessbyp) and the products are so good! I'm now currently deciding whether I should start digital planning more, or keep to bullet journaling. I've always kept a physical copy of planning because I just prefer it. But since I'm returning back to school and... Continue Reading →

2019 Resolutions

Hello beautifuls! Like always, I took to Instagram to ask what blog posts you were interested in for the new year! I got many requests for a New Years resolutions post so here I am delivering! 1. Throughout the past couple years I've really fallen in love with photography and even more so this past... Continue Reading →

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