December bullet journal setup

hello there lovelies! I uploaded a poll to my story the other day asking if you all wanted to see a blog post on my December bullet journal setup – and there was an overwhelming response of people who said yes! as December is the busiest month of the year I figured it would be extremely helpful for a lot of you.

I just want to put it out there that all washi tape and stickers featured in this are from Spotlight!

If you don’t already know, I’ve been using my bullet journal for about a year now and I absolutely love it. It’s a great way to get creative and plan things exactly the way you want. As it’s such a busy month, I kept the opening pages to a minimum and have left room for more planning pages for gift ideas, what to bake and so on.

So let’s get to it!

This first spread is my habit tracker page. I’ve used this particular tracker for a while now and it’s a super easy and simple way to track the most important things in your life. Usually to the right I have a monthly overview but didn’t do that this month because sometimes I don’t usually use it. Instead I had a page of my December goals and below that a list of a Christmas to do list. This was quite fun and allowed me a bit more space to add to it throughout the month.

Secondly I did this little inspiration page which I absolutely LOVE. I’ve never done this before but really enjoyed how creative I could get with it! I again used my new HP sprocket and a bunch of washi tape and stickers. This sticker book I have is honestly the best and cutest thing I’ve ever bought. On the right page I peeled out these festive words from the book and just stuck them down. To be honest I didn’t really have any clue what to do on this page so used it just for fun. You could also write a quote but my handwriting needs some serious practise atm hehehe.

Lastly, I have my first weekly spread. I usually do a mini calendar on the side and highlight the week we’re about to enter. Underneath I have a mini to-do list with some small goals for the week which I really want to achieve. I lay out the individual days quite large so I can always add more or even little stickers as the week progresses. At the bottom of the page I added this quote from the sticker book which is so cool! It’s so perfect for weeks when it’s absolutely crazy busy. I then added some stickers and washi cause you can never have too much, right?

That’s all for today’s post lovelies! I hope you all enjoyed it and please leave me any suggestions of what you would like to see. Bye for now!

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