One of my most used items in my life is definitely my bag. It’s something I always grab with me when I’m on the go and also something that always comes in handy to me, which means that there’s always constantly a bunch of junk and gum wrappers just sitting at the bottom of it. However, when I do decide to clean and organize it, this is what it includes:


  • Wallet/purse – obviously this is a necessity for me because I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain. I actually got this purse as a gift but this one (and most of my others) are from Colette. I love all of their purses, bags and accessories so much and they’re also actually really good gifts for people! Definitely check out their store if you haven’t already.
  • Sunglasses – another thing that I use quite frequently because it’s actually alwayssss sunny in Australia. They’re great to keep in my bag because then it’s easy to access them whenever then sun is too bright. These sunglasses are probably my fav pair ever because they’re super cute and stylish. I bought them super cheap at Cotton On a while ago and I really like them, but they’re stretching too much and they’re too big for my head so I need to buy some new ones ASAP! Let me know where yours are from or your favourite types in the comments!
  • Hand cream – I actually don’t use my hand cream too much because alot of the time I forget it’s in my bag, however, I do need to use it more because I get pretty bad eczema on my hands and fingers. This is the Zoella Beauty one that I keep in my bag and I absolutely LOVE the scent.
  • Gum/mints – this is just another random essential I like to keep in my bag at all times, regardless of the day, season or event!
  • Lip products – I always try to keep a lipbalm in my bag because I always get dry or scaly lips which is disgusting, so I try my best to keep them hydrated every minute of every day. Occasionally I carry around a tinted or coloured lip product if I know I’m going out and need to apply some colour.


That’s what I usually keep on my bag on a daily basis! Sometimes I add random things like notebooks or pens or other accessories depending on the day. Let me know what you keep in your bag and be sure to follow my blog for more posts!

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