Skincare Routine | 2018

Skincare hasn’t always been a major thing for me until about a year or so ago. As I started to realize that I should be taking more care of my skin instead of just washing my face with water and a washer, I began to develop a routine. I’m also looking to try out new products so if you have any recommendations of your fav products or know places that have skincare samples, please don’t hesitate to let me know!


So this is what I currently use to properly wash my face. I wasn’t about to go and buy a $100 electronic face washer, so instead I decided to buy this Models Prefer facial cleansing brush. I bought it at my local Priceline for only $20 which I think is a great price for the job it does. It also comes with 3 brush heads which are all used for something different (listed below)

  • Cleaning and clearing brush (currently on the brush) (for oily, combination skin) – deeply cleans oil and residual makeup in the pores, making for clear and smooth skin. Good for daily use.
  • Silicone cleansing brush (for sensitive skin) -elastic silicone brush that gently clears sensitive skin. Use according to your skin sensitivity.
  • Skin refreshing brush (for exfoliation) – deeply cleans the dirt and blackheads twice and helps to exfoliate and brighten the skin. Good for all skin types and to be used once a week.

All of these brushes are great, especially for the price. I add my face wash directly to the brush which was featured in my latest blog post, but I’m going to insert a picture so you can get an idea of what it looks like.


This face wash also helps with acne, blackheads and to properly remove makeup and oil. I love the way it makes my skin feel after I’ve used it and I know that all my makeup has been removed and I won’t wake up with more breakouts or pimples. I like to think that this face wash does help with my overall skin appearance, so if you have oily skin, definitely check this out.


After I’ve washed ad dried my face, occasionally I’ll apply a face mask just to give my skin a really good clean. I’ll then go in with a lightweight moisturizer that I’ve also been using for a while which keeps my skin soft and smooth (Olay Complete defense). Even though I have oily skin, it’s still really important to make sure I still moisturize daily.

IMG20180106150041 (1).jpg


So there’s my current skin care routine! Like I mentioned earlier, please let me know any new products or any other blog posts you’d like to see!


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